Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gift Du Jour 8

Gift Du Jour: Fancy calendars. These are filled with vintage images that turn a calendar into art.
 In 1907 the Japanese artist Yoshio Markino visited Paris for the first time. He was overwhelmed by its beauty, and made watercolors of its many moods. Here are thirteen favorites.
 Alice in Wonderland seems to inspire many fine illustrators to great heights of their artistry. What children's illustrator wouldn't want to try their hand at the Cheshire Cat's smile or flamingos as croquet mallets?
 In the late 1920s the French fashion magazine, Gazette du Bon Ton, commissioned artists to make fashion plates, and then printed them by an expensive stencil process.
Some of the most beautiful ads and packages ever produced are for perfumes. We gather here twelve of our breathtaking favorites: Azura, Mauis, Viridilflor, Ambree and more.
This Stocking Stuffer with that Gift:
Polly Danger Bias Tape. So inspiring!

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