Friday, December 2, 2011

The Party Dress

 For the last 48 hours I have been single-minded, every minute thinking of only one thing. The dress I am making. For I have found the perfect dress pattern, and it has come to me in the form of this book, The Party Dress by Mary Adams. Her's is a simple pattern, true, but the way she uses color and ruffles and petticoats has gone straight to my heart. So, I am making one of my own. Which needs to be done by Saturday night (J's office Christmas party).

All I have left to do is insert the lining, the zipper and hem. And although I have been triumphant so far, there is the high chance that disaster could happen and I could end up curled on the floor tonight in a quivering mass of despair. When it is done there will be pictures, although when you come to the store tomorrow for the open house (you are coming, right?) I'm sure I'll be in the back room frantically trying to finish. Or if all goes well I'll be twirling around in it. Because did I mention there is a petticoat involved? White and gold tulle? Glittery??

Buy this book and become obsessed like I am! To be perfectly honest we just sold the last one, but I have three more coming in next week. I'm happy to put your name on one if you like!

 There is a whole chapter on layering different fabrics to achieve new colors with them.
 In the book she demonstrates how to soak silk taffeta to get this amazing texture
This dress is covered in bias strips. That blows my mind!!

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