Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Liberty Bundles are in!

So, you know how we went to England? Well, whilst there we made secret notes on merchandise for the store, and when we returned we made a flurry of orders. Some things we have already gotten and some we put on the backburner. But there are two jewels that we have been waiting for, and this was the biggest bad-daddy of them all...
Liberty of London fabric bundles!!
See, when we are in Liberty I saw these lovelies and had to buy one. Because there is a whole variety of prints in each pack! They are color coded, so each print works together, and they are all 52" long by varying widths. (Perfect for an easy quilt) The package I'm holding has 11 different prints in it.
So, I found the lady who makes them, and she agreed to send us a shipment. Although, she had to ask because the only other store that carries them is the Liberty Regent Street store. Bam! Just us and Liberty..aren't we fancy?

The bundles are $85.00, and we only have 10. (And if you don't get here soon-ish, they might all find their way to my house) They aren't online yet, but if you see one you desperately need for yourself (or as a gift!) just call us. 

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