Friday, December 16, 2011

Now Voyager fascinators!

Ok, are you ready for this? Because I'm about to show you the best things ever...
 Now Voyager hair fascinators! Shaped like cakes! Put your coat on..grab your keys and get down and try one on! This is the other big surprise we found in London. E and I were at the Elle Fashion weekend (Did I tell you about that?) the night before we were leaving and we randomly found a booth selling the most gorgeous felt cake headgear. I of course left with the chocolate cherry cupcake fascinator (above) as well as a tiny straw hat.

But we couldn't leave their brilliance behind and ordered some for you as soon as we got home. I think they are worth the wait. I can tell you that I am never happier then when I have a cupcake on my head.

And look at the mince pies and snowflakes, which are perfect for that upcoming holiday party! 


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