Thursday, December 29, 2011

Laurent fabric from Sandberg

Oh, how I am lusting for this fabric. I need it, I must have it. I will have to save a lot of $$ or it though..and actually don't have a set project in mind for it. (although when has that ever stopped me buying fabric??) I first fell for it in the October issue of Living Etc.

The light background is pretty, but I have my heart set on the black. Come to think of it, I have been looking for fabric to do some Roman Shades in my living room, and the white would work for that. Hmm, I wonder if J would go for cakes on his window. But the black just pops, doesn't it?

This is upholstery weight fabric from Swedish company Sandberg. It's name is Laurent and it is from the Engla & Elliot collection. I've only found it for sale here, for $81 a meter. Which is why I really need to figure out my project before I buy.

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