Friday, February 17, 2012

Carly's Craft column

I'm excited to introduce a new contributor to our little blog, the super crafty Carly Rubach! Carly is a journalist who writes a variety of columns including a crafty one at Third coast digest. She also happens to be my cousin-in-law which is how I roped her into helping us out. Today she is sharing with us her bedroom makeover, so take it away Carly!

 I feel like there is always that one room in your apartment or home that goes neglected for too long. For me, it's the bedroom. When I lived in a studio apartment, space was limited so decorating had to be simple and strategic. Now I have a few rooms to work with and just completing one and feeling completely satisfied with the result is a daunting task.

 But sometimes you have to look that scary bedroom in the face and say, "Let's do this." One can of orange-gold paint later, we were on our way. We decided to go for a Mexican-inspired bedroom to keep us cozy through the winter months and straight-up happy all year round. We took a trip to Huatulco, Mexico last year and came back with a few art pieces and piles of photographs to help fill the space. The room is beginning to feel more complete with our brightly colored paper banner above the bed that I picked up from the National Museum of Mexican Art store in Chicago, and with our collection of personal photographs.

 As always, I feel that a few changes and additions can be made. I'd like to add some hanging plants to either side of the main windows to soften up the corners. I'm searching for the perfect comforter or fabric to make my own duvet cover. I'm also working on a curtain for the smaller window in the room. I had what I thought was a brilliant idea: to hang my stockings/tights from a curtain rod since they're lacy and pretty. Plus, I have quite a collection and I feel I'd have an easier time selecting a pair for my outfit of the day if they were spread out for me to see. But I suppose hanging your underwear for all to see is super weird. You've got to get all the bad ideas out to make way for the good ones, right?

 I have a few before and after photos for now so you can get an idea of the transformation. I'll keep ya'll posted with any new additions to the space.

Stay tuned, next week Carly is going to show you an awesome bench into plant stand project!

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