Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sofa Slipcover

The slipcovering has started! Yes, I finally pulled my boot straps up and got down to business. It's not really that hard, it's just intimidating because of sheer size. Anyway, I started with a muslin and I think it turned out pretty well.

Here is the couch to begin with. Not bad, just  a little blah. We've had it for some years now, so it could use a new dress.
The part I am most concerned about is the fit of the outer shell. I don't want a baggy slipcover, I want it to be tailored. The first think I did was trace around the seams of the couch on the muslin. I then added 1/2 seam allowance and used those pieces as my pattern.

When I had everything cut out I pinned it inside out all around the couch so it would have a snug fit. Some quick basting and lo and behold, it fit! I have made cushion patterns as well, although I'm not as worried about those, as they are just large rectangles.

We went a'searching for fabric last weekend. This is not a good color representation of what I found. They are an apple green. It doesn't matter anyway because J didn't really care for them. We are going to stick with the apple color but look for something more chenille-y. We will be making another trip to Home Fabric and Rugs this weekend. Have you been there? They have awesome, really in-expensive fabric. Go!
We will be using the white circle fabric swatch that you see. I'm going to do some Roman Shades with it.

These crazy blue/green fabrics we found at Jo-Anns. They are designed by Annie Selke, who I believe is the designer behind Dash and Albert Rugs and Pine Cone Hill Bedding. They are awesome. These swatches do not do them justice. There is no way I could convince J to go with a whole sofa out of them, but they will definitely be making an appearance as pillows. I think they are a perfect combination of 60's/Jonathan Adler!

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