Thursday, February 2, 2012


On Sunday we did more flyer-ing door to door, trying to find Gumdrop's owner. Needless to say, I've seen a lot of front porches and I was struck by the power of a mailbox and how it can really make a statement. The mailbox we have came with the house and is dullsville. I've done a little research to find some more exciting ones. The question is, how much does one really want to invest in a mailbox? I found them from $29 to $995, which is a pretty big range!

This is the Monet. I love that it comes in all different colors, but I just don't know that I can shell out $250 for a mailbox. 

This classic Victorian is nice, but doesn't fit with the style of our house. I love the black against that green wall though..

This Bobi box might be my favorite. It seems so cheerful. If I were a postman, I would enjoy delivering mail to this box. 

The Ecco. I like this one I think it would suit our house. 
I loved seeing all the super modern mailboxes, like this Vega mailbox. Which by the way is almost $1000.00. 
This one is from Home Depot and I noticed it at quite a few houses. It's not exactly mind blowing, but for $29 it is clean and contemporary. 

I love this Swedish post box. It seems like a horn should toot every time you get your mail. 

This is the Knoblock mailbox. According to the website it has been a staple item in European contemporary homes for years. Fancy. Maybe too fancy for my house..
Does anyone else have any good mailbox suggestions?

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