Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday Sewin' Peony by Collette

I'm buckling down folks. I have a goal and a focus this year and that is to choose and perfect 3 dress patterns. Not just make them, but get them to the point where they are perfectly fitted to my own self. It's not an easy task, especially for someone who lacks patience in that area, but I'm determined.

The first pattern I'm working on is Peony by Colette. I like this one because of it's bateau neckline, pockets and chose of 3/4 or short sleeves. I will probably end up doing a fuller skirt,  but I'll try it once with the skirt pattern as is. 
Most people do their practice patterns out of muslin, but I like things a little jazzier so I'm using vintage sheets. This has a two-fold purpose. One, it's cheap fabric and Two, if it turns out well then I can actually wear it. 

So far the bodice darts have been way to high for me, so I'm moving them around. I think I have them pretty close to where I want them, but you will notice that I'm keeping my best friend the seam ripper with me at all times. 

I have a mannequin that helps me in the fitting process, but she's a little old, slightly broken and stoops in a drunken manner so I can't rely on her totally. Does anyone have any advice for fitting? I'm always open to suggestion!


Erin said...

Do you have this pattern in your store?

betsy and emily said...

Hi Erin,
We should have it soon, it's been on backorder. I'll let you know when we receive it!