Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rain Poncho!

So, I recently realized that in my embarrassingly large collection of coats I was lacking a very important one..a raincoat. So, I thought, maybe I'll make a raincoat. I love that Amy Butler laminated fabric we have, that would be super cute. But then I had a better idea. What if I use the laminated fabric I got last fall at Liberty and made a rain poncho?? I happened to have a lovely 70's poncho pattern that I used, and I grabbed some of our Kiwi voile as a liner and Ta Da! One rockin' 70's rain poncho. Which I can't wait to wear with my white vinyl boots. And I'm considering making large white vinyl pompoms to go around the neck. Bring on the rain!


Sharon said...

Super cute!

betsy and emily said...

Thanks! Poncho's could be my new favorite project...they are so fast to make!

Dayle said...

Love it!