Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sarah's House

Is anyone else kind of in love with the show Sarah's House? I DVR it, as it's on like at 2:00 on a Saturday and I look forward to the time each week when I can sit down and watch it. Basically each season Canadian designer Sarah Richardson takes a run down house and makes it gorgeous, room by room. For some reason I think it's incredibly soothing to watch. While her style doesn't completely mesh with my own, I think her show is very inspiring to watch.

This last season is the only one I've really been able to see from start to finish, but it looks like you can watch complete episodes from past seasons over on I better stick with my one a week, or I'll find myself stuck in our office for hours at a time!


Mary Anne said...

I love Sarah's House! I should program my DVR so it is less "hit or miss"!

betsy and emily said...

It's totally worth DVR'ing. On Sundays I like to watch the new Sarah's House and now the new Dear Genevieve. I'm a sucker for design shows!