Friday, January 21, 2011

Chessie Scarves

In the world of vintage silk scarves two names seem to stick out..Tammis Keefe and Vera Neumann. However, I have a silk scarf that I got at a vintage store I think when I was in elementary school. The scarf had a name on it, Chessie and I've always meant to see who Chessie was and if he/she designed other scarves.

After a little research I found out that my cute kitty scarf isn't by a designer at all, but from the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. What?? Well, once upon a time the C&O railway needed to promote their new air conditioned rail cars and decided to use the slogan "sleep like a kitten".

They used a sleeping kitty image by Viennese artist Guido Gruenwald and plastered it all over everything, including silk scarves. Can I just say, what happened to the days where companies like the C&O railway would design promotional materials like silk scarves? These days you're lucky if you get a well-designed mug.

Anyway, I found a slew of cute Chessie cat scarves..I may need to add to my collection, as mine is too worn to wear now.


Meetzorp said...

That is, indeed, adorable! What a treasure.

My current big favorite find is a scarf printed with a repeated motif of a housefly standing in the middle of a very stylized spiderweb.

I think it is from the 1950s. I got it at a local thrift shop for 75 cents.

betsy and emily said...

Oh my god! That is the cutest housefly scarf I have ever seen. (granted that is the only fly scarf I've seen, but still) That is a good find, I commend you for it!

Anonymous said...

Chessie was the cat from the Chessapeake and Ohio railroad. It is their icon.