Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pattern ID at the Kemper

I"m excited about an exhibition that is opening at the Kemper next week. It's called Pattern ID and it is 40 works by artists using pattern and dress as a form of identity in an increasingly globalized world.

I'm always interested in a fashion oriented exhibition, but with this one I am especially intrigued by the focus on prints. I'm sure you know by now that I am a print (and color!) fiend and the teaser pictures of the exhibit are definitely drawing me in.

The exhibit opens January 28th with a opening party from 5:30-7:30. I'm thinking it would be fun to get all dressed up and go, anyone with me?

Oh, you can see more about the exhibit at the Kemper's website, and also at the Akron Art Museum site.

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Dayle said...

I think I'm going to check this out on friday before my event Friday night at the Nelson.