Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Neck Ruff Pattern

Hey! Anyone want to make a velveteen neck ruff??

Neck Ruff Pattern

  • 1/2 inch seam allowance

  • Cut 1 piece 10 x 18 for the main piece

  • Cut one piece 3 x 36 for the ruffle

  • Have one piece of ribbon 34" long for the ties

  1. First take the ruffle piece and fold it lengthwise, right sides together.

  2. Stitch one short side and the long side. Use the open short side to pull the fabric right side out.

  3. When the fabric is right side out, turn the open ends in and blind stitch closed.

  4. Press

  5. Run a basting stitch along one edge of the ruffle piece, 1/2" in. Gather. (note: If you are using velveteen, I admit, this will be a trying thing to do...just remember don't pull to tightly! You don't want to break that thread and have to do it all over again!)

  6. Cut your piece of ribbon in half.

  7. Open the main piece of your fabric right side up. Place ruffle piece along the top raw edge of main piece. The stitched edge of the ruffle piece will be along the raw edge of the main.

  8. Take your two ribbon pieces and place them on each side of the main piece, raw edges together, 2" from the top.

  9. Take a moment to stop and check that your ribbon ties and ruffle area placed so that their edges are lined up with the raw edge of the main piece. The body of the pieces will be laying on the main piece.

  10. Now fold the main piece in half, right sides together. At this point the ruffle and ties will be within the main piece…nothing should be sticking out. You will stitch 1/2" along one short side, the long side, and down the third short side stopping right after the end of your ribbon.

  11. Through the small opening that is left, you will pull the neck ruff inside out. Once you are finished, blind stitch that small opening.

  12. Edge stitch each short ends to reinforce the ties

And you have a neck ruff! Suitable for all occasions, keeps your neck warm and fits comfortably under your coat.


Jen O said...

This is so cute! I love the idea of using the velveteen.

I would like to suggest that when sewing the ruffle, both ends be sewn together first, leaving the long edge open, then turn. That long edge can be machine basted down the seam line to hold the layers together.

To gather this heavy fabric try sewing a zig-zag stitch down the seam line, over a heavy buttonhole thread (don't sew into the buttonhole thread) Then pull that heavy thread to get the gathers.

Megan said...

Oh, I need to be better at sewing RIGHT NOW! This is so chic - instant wow factor.

betsy and emily said...

Jen: I love a good tip, thanks!

Megan: This is a super easy pattern, you should try it!