Friday, January 14, 2011

Fork pom-poms

I know I'm promised a knit-related post every day, so here is a how to from the Great Noank Quilt Factory on making pom-poms with a fork.

"To make the pom-poms, insert a short length of yarn through the center space in a four-tiered fork. Then take another piece of yarn and weave it in and out around the tines of the fork, packing the yarn down tightly as you weave. (Illustration 63) You can weave with this second piece of yarn coming directly off it's ball. Just cut it when the fork is filled with woven yarn, bring the ends of the short length of yarn up around the woven yarn and tie a tight knot in the center space of the fork. (Illustration 64) The woven yarn will slide off the fork as you tie the knot. Snip the long ends and you have a pom-pom."

This illustration and lesson are from The Great Noank Quilt Factory by Sharon McKain. If you can find it, you should buy it.

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