Friday, January 14, 2011

The Great Noank Quilt Factory

Last Sunday E & I got a little crazy with some 60's/70's crafting books while we were at Urban Mining. I think we found almost 10? And of course had to buy them all, but really, all for the good of you because you will love the pictures and the projects.

I thought I'd start us off with the first book that I found, The Great Noank Quilt Factory, written in 1974. It's pretty awesome. First of all, there is the quilt on the cover of the book which is amazing, and inside you have everything from classic 70's maxi skirts made out of crazy quilts, to some great quilts that would be classified as "modern quilting" today.

I did a tiny bit of research on the author, Sharon McKain, but this seems to be the only book she wrote. The only other info I could find on her is that she taught a summer class a couple years ago at RISD. I don't know where you are today Sharon, but I think your book is great, I'm so glad we found it!


Jeanee said...

Oooh, I like the dress! Cool.

Megan said...

J'adore the wall hanging - so cool and versatile.

Lauren said...

My goodness, they were obsessed with orange back in the 1970s.... Still, what great quilts!