Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ladies at the bar

How amazing is the image? You know that I'm going to be on a rabid hunt for dot fabric now, don't you?

I found it over on La Mode Pyjama..a blog that focuses on 1930's beach pajama styles. It's incredibly glamorous!


Gina said...

This looks like a page straight out of my grandma's photo album, which I have in my possession. I'll try to remember to bring it along next time I come to the store.

Bri Bailey-Hill said...

I could see you in that dot print outfit.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what era? 1920s?

donna said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I found it! My favorite scene from The Gay Divorcee - Let's Knock Knees:


betsy and emily said...

Gina, if this is what your grandma's photo album looks like, I totally want to see it!
Bri: Yup!
Hollywood:I'm guessing 1930's..
Donna: Amazing!