Friday, January 28, 2011

New Fabric!

Yesterday we were hit with a whirlwind of boxes and got some gorgeous new fabric from the likes of Jay McCarroll, Denyse Schmidt, Kokka and Melody Miller. We also got two large boxes of new books and stationary. Needless to say, it was super exciting at the store yesterday.

First of all, we have Melody Miller's Ephemera from her awesome line Ruby Star Rising. I know, I can hear you asking about the other wonderful patterns from that line. They are coming, I promise. They are on backorder but should come to us next month. In the meantime this print is amazing, and I know you will love it. See it here
We also got in other Kokka prints. I am so obsessed with this floral print, it really fires my imagination for projects. This is something you should come in to see, it is very striking.
This is a very cute print, I am a sucker for sewing and notion prints.
This Russian-esque print is E's favorite. And why not? it has castles, carousels, hot air balloons and Ferris Wheels. What more could you want in a fabric?
Ah, and we come to the Miriporum. This will push you full throttle into Spring dreaming. It has the perfect yellow/pinks/ and teals. We first thought it would be a great skirt, but I think a jacket would awesome out of this as well.
And Denyse Schmidt voiles! They are so 1930's, e and I were immediately planning on copying some of our vintage dresses with this fabric. She loves the Diamond Chevron, but I'm kind of partial to the Greenfield Hill.

And finally we come to the Jay McCarroll. Which I love. Once again, E and I fell in love with different prints, she can't keep her hands off the Raise the Roof, while I am have had the Drop Cloth print in my head for 24 hours. My head keeps running through dress styles, coat styles, and skirt styles. I think I finally narrowed down what I want to make with it though. Now, to add it to the project list.


Megan said...

The Kokka Russian Fair print just spoke to me. I love those colors and the print is so much fun! Can you imagine all the stories you could make up about the scenes?

jay mccarroll said...

i'm so excited to see these prints finally hitting the shelves and i'm so pleased that you like them! i had a really great time designing this line and i hope you make the cutest darn things out of it! ps: isnt dropcloth just the coolest? not that i'm biased or anything :)

betsy and emily said...

Megan: I totally agree, the Russia fair print is a must have. It's whimsical without being childish and can be put to good use in so many ways. I'm thinking perfect Spring skirt.

Why Hel-lo Jay McCarroll! You really do deserve a round of applause for this new line, the more I see the more I want of it. And the dropcloth has for some reason really set fire to my brain. I can't stop thinking about it, and although we don't normally get the same prints in multiple colorways I think I will have to make an exception. I am especially partial to the plum. We have more on order and I can't wait to get it. Thanks for commenting on our blog, that has really made my day!