Friday, January 21, 2011

Playhouse for sale!

Well, we have put it off as long as possible, but it is time for our adorable Christmas house to come down. Sigh. We could cut it apart and re-use the fabric, but first we thought we would see if anyone would like to buy it for their home? Wouldn't it be the cutest playhouse? It's made for easy hanging and has 4 panels and the roof (that includes the fireplace!) Dimensions are below. We were thinking $85 for it, but are open to offers. Let us know if you are interested

Front: 2 panels 31x82 and roof approx 30x132-ish (could be hung without the roof)
Side window panel: 32x54
Fireplace 48x87


Anastasia said...

i'm interested!!! do you have any more pics by chance?

betsy and emily said...

Hi Anastasia!
If you email me at I can send you some more pics.