Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Les Soeurs Anglaises...

Now is the season of craft retreats--or at least, the signing up for craft retreats. There are so many, and they all look totally blissful. There is one however that takes the cake. The ultimate craft retreat, the one that will make you dreamy eyed for the rest of the day. Les Soeurs Anglaises.
Les Soeurs Anglaises is located in the South of France and offers courses like; cooking, knitting, embroidery, book art, music, mixed textiles and photography. (Workshops start in April) Lets start with the workshops. I would like to sign up for...embroidery and mixed textiles first and knitting and cooking next. The workshops are all 5 days long, which means I'll be spending a lot of (imaginary) time in France this summer.

I think if I got to choose a workshop I would definitely go for the embroidery (I think e would like embroidery too). Embroidery is something that I have grand plans for in my head, but no time to actually sit down and start. A workshop like this would be awesome to instigate all those projects (so many ideas, they make my hands itch to start!)

Now that we've picked our workshop, let's look at the accommodations. Not to shabby. In fact they almost brought a tear to my eye.(Seriously, go look at the slideshow) I mean, can you just imagine? The glory of traveling to the South of France to stay on this gorgeous property and craft all day? It boggles my mind. e & I can't imagine anything better. Someday we will all be together, Les Soeurs Anglaises, someday.

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