Thursday, January 20, 2011

Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake seems to be having a moment. Well, even more of a moment than he has had for the last 40 years as a renowned illustrator and author. Being a huge Roald Dahl fan, I have been able to spot a Quentin Blake illustration at 20 paces since I was 9. I've been spotting him a lot lately.

It all started when I was meandering through some Osborne and Little samples and a flyer for his new decorator fabric and wallpaper line Zagazoo caught my eye. I snatched it up and drooled over the classic Blake sketches for children's rooms. Or adults, who is to say?

Then I meandered over to his gorgeous website and saw some of his latest projects, including a fabric veil that he designed to cover up a derelict building across from St. Pancras station in London.
He's also doing some murals for the Unicorn Theater in London
Here is a painfully cute lampshade line from Stamp Creative

And just to round everything out, Liberty's Spring 2011 fabric collection has 4 prints inspired by Blake's illustrations!

I'm sure you know that when I saw the Quentin Blake inspired collection at Liberty I flipped. 2 of my favorite things, linked together! To be fair, I kind of flipped when I saw the Osborne and Little stuff too..and by the way, if anyone must have that we can get it for you. (Just throwing that out there)

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